1. How to make a booking at Escorts Manila?
    You can contact us through our online chat, contact numbers, or email. Once you have selected your Escorts Manila model you simply provide your location, time of appointment, your name and contact number, the name of the Escorts Manila model you have selected and how many hours you are requesting her service. Your selected escort will come directly to your hotel.


  1. What about the payment?
    Upon arrival at your hotel our Escorts Manila model will accept the payment and your time with her will then begin.


  1. After I make a booking how soon can the Escorts Manila model arrive?
    Most of our Escorts Manila ladies are available soon after you make the reservation, some do require additional time, up to a day advanced notice for the appointment. Please ask our online operator about availability and preparation time. Please also give an allowance for the Escorts Manila models to arrive at your hotel, factors such as weather, distance to your location, and traffic will also affect her arrival time. We assure you it’s worth the wait and remember your time doesn’t start until she arrives.


  1. Can I make an advanced reservation for an Escorts Manila model?
    To ensure you get the Escorts Manila model that you want it’s best to make a reservation ahead of time. You can book a reservation anytime in advance however if your reservation is several days or weeks in advance then it’s best to select several options just in case one of your choices is unavailable do to unforeseen circumstances.


  1. I am not in Manila and would like to make a booking for an Escorts Manila model?
    Depending on your location and other factors such as travel dates and distance from Manila most out of town escort bookings can be arranged. If you are outside the Philippines we can accept advance bookings, then when you arrive you can already have your escort ready. If you are in the Philippines but not in Manila and wish the Escorts Manila model to travel to your location this can also be arranged. Please contact our reservations agent, provide all necessary information, you will then provide travel arrangements and cover all expenses for your selected escort, all out of town reservations require payment in advance and full itinerary provided.


  1. Do your models have regular health checkups?
    All of our girls care about their health as well as their looks, it’s very important to them that they maintain their health for their guests and for themselves, rest assured that you are spending time with a quality escort that will be fun and entertaining as well as safe and healthy.


  1. Can I pay with a foreign currency?
    We accept all major currencies, please contact our online operator for conversion rates.


  1. Do you accept credit cards?
    No, we prefer CASH for right now


  1. Do you provide pictures of your models?
    All pictures of our models are available on our website, please check our gallery and enjoy! Unlike some escort services we do not bait and switch with our customers, we are working to build a good relationship with our clients and provide the exact same escort as you see in the picture.


  1. What activities are allowed with Escort Manila models?
    Any safe and fun activities that are enjoyable for both of you are acceptable and those that follow Escorts Manila policies. Dinner, movies, going to a nightclub or even spending a relaxing evening at your hotel. If you have selected a Travel Escort you can enjoy all kinds of vacation activities such as sightseeing, swimming, island hopping, and relaxing on the beach.


  1. How long do your sessions last?
    Based on the agreed upon package you have selected, either 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or more, the time will start when the Escorts Manila model has arrived at your hotel and payment has been received.


  1. How can I be assured the Escorts Manila model I choose is the best match for me?
    Guests can review each of our models’ profile pages which will help you decide which is the best escort for you. Our online operator will also be eager to assist you in making your choice please feel free to ask them any questions you may have, they will do their best to answer. If your escort has arrived at your hotel and if you feel your selection is not the right choice, we give a 15-minute grace period to decide, if you would like to change your selection please contact our office to select another escort, then simply pay a small transportation fee to the escort for her time and travel expenses.


  1. How long will the Escorts Manila model stay with me?
    Depending on the package you chose the Escorts Manila model will stay the full agreed upon time.


  1. If I am having a great time with my Escorts Manila girl can I extend my time with her?
    Many of our ladies are so fun and charming that you will want to extend your time with them. To extend your time just contact our online operator or call us for more details how you can extend your time with your lovely companion.


  1. Can I enjoy the companionship of more than one escort at the same time?
    For a more enjoyable escort experience you are welcome to select more than just one of our Escorts Manila models to spend time with you. Contact our online chat operator or call us and let us know how we can best assist you.


  1. If I select a Travel Escort what are things I need to provide and what expenses do I need to cover?
    Any gentleman understands how to take care of a fine lady, just like with our escorts, guests are asked to arrange and cover all travel expenses, provide a fine hotel, and cover food and other entertainment expenses, etc. Our models will also appreciate gifts and souvenirs from your vacation together as a way to remember her special time with you. In addition, guests will also be required to make advanced payment for travel escorts. A full itinerary will need to be provided to our company prior finalizing the reservation. Please chat with our online operator for more details.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to chat with our online agent, call us on our contact numbers, or email us. We look forward to providing you with the very best service.