Many people buy into the life-cycle myth of college, career, marriage, babies, repeat. Marriage, though, as you’ll hear many married people and marriage experts proclaim, is hard work. Keep reading for five of the main reasons busy, on-the-go men find Escorts Manila preferable to marriage and beautiful escorts preferable to wives.

Open Appreciation

Men enjoy pampering beautiful women who simply enjoy the benefits of the relationship without adding burdensome demands of their own. Wives often accept one gift while simultaneously complaining of housework and parenting responsibilities, and requesting additional gifts and luxuries.

Open Minds

Open minded escorts seek this profession looking for certain financial benefits. As long as their needs are met, they generally won’t concern themselves with your other relationships – marriage or otherwise. Wives, on the other hand, are unlikely to be as understanding. One of the best perks of client escort relationships is the implied discretion and the open tolerance of your chosen lifestyle.

Open Minded Intimacy

Intimacy is good. Intimacy without the risk of pregnancy is better. Wives are usually of the family building mindset. Escorts are usually not. Where wives will engage in expected intimate activity, escorts are typically much more open-minded at their discretion when it comes to intimacy.

Open Endings

When wealthy men marry, wives expect an opulent lifestyle during the marriage – and they usually want to maintain that lifestyle long after the marriage is over. While escorts, likewise, have specific financial expectations during the course of your relationship. They differ from wives because they understand from the onset that when the relationship ends, so does the financial support.

Open Availability

Wealthy clients are demanding men – they can afford to be. They are in the power position and don’t want to wait or negotiate for what they want. When they want impressive arm candy, they don’t want to hear about PTA meetings or other events that compete for their time and attention.Gorgeous escorts can fulfil that need on a moment’s notice.

These are five of the reasons why escorts are better than marriage. When you’re looking for a relationship that offers the best of what you want and with little to none of what you wish to avoid, Escorts Manila services is the way to go.